Connecting the Dots

Marzahn Botha, senior journalist with a Masters degree in journalism, a qualified professional photographer, Western Cape tourist guide, and a registered tennis coach. I have recently won Media24 Legends award for the best freelance photographer. It that doesn't say enough, nothing will.


I have travelled to 28 countries, five continent with my camera. 

This dotted collection is an analogy for life, the people you meet, the places they take you to, new people they introduce you to who show you something new and how then something spontaneous happens.

They say travelling is the only investment that makes you richer.

I couldn’t agree more. Most of my longer trips like going to South Korea or the Big Island of Hawaii were solo trips. 

But actually there was nothing solo about them. There was always someone willing to take me around the next corner to a destination that left us both enchanted. The common thread that binds us are a memory or a dot that will never cease to exist.


My dotted destiny

Dots = memories = People + Places in a moment


That you only get when you have common passions and  interests in life. The golden thread were usually journalism, tennis, friendship, enthusiasm, a love for nature, wine, photography, desire, a passion for life and humanity.